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Question Based Analysis


Source code and data:

Peer reviewed publications:

Kruiger, J.F., Kasalica, V., Meerlo, Rogier, Lamprecht, A.L., Nyamsuren, E. & Scheider, S. (in press). Loose programming of GIS workflows with geo-analytical concepts. Transactions in GIS. [pdf]

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Posters and Presentations:

Nyamsuren, E., Scheider, S., Xu, H. & Kruiger, J.F. (28.11.2019). Geo-analytic Question Answering: Going Beyond Knowledge Retrieval. 13th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR’19). [slides]

Scheider, S., Kruiger, H., Xu, H., & Nyamsuren, E.  (2019). Semantic data type signatures for representing spatial core concepts in GIS operations on spatial layers. Poster presentation at 14th International Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT2019), Regensburg, Germany, September 9-13 2019. [link]

Scheider, S. (2019). Question-answering with linked spatial data: the role of spatial core concepts. Keynote held at SDI.Next: Linked Spatial Data in Europe.


Nelemans, M. (2020). An automated approach to ontology-based annotation of spatial data resources on the web with geospatial concepts. MSc thesis GIMA, Utrecht University. [pdf]

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Wieleman, J.G. (2018). The semantic structure of spatial questions in human geography. MSc thesis GIMA, Utrecht University. [pdf]

Student projects:

Chang, C.Y., Ferreira de Sousa, V.M., Sajjadian, M., Top, E., Tüzgel, B., & Zhang, S. (2020). Automating the semantic comparison of GIS-tools and workflows. GIMA Module 6 Final Report. Utrecht University. [zip]