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GeoQA Workshop – Call for Participation

Geographic Question Answering Workshop


The workshop on geographic question-answering (GeoQA) will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIScience) in Leeds, United Kingdom, for half a day (13:30 -17:00) on September 12, 2023. We welcome submissions of vision/position papers on geographic question-answering as well GeoQA tools and datasets to be presented at the workshop.

Driven by the need to answer geographic questions in people’s daily life and the potential of searching for geo-analytical resources for scientists, GeoQA has recently become an area of intensive research. A lot of progress has been made in GeoQA subfields, such as geographic corpora and knowledge graph construction, spatial concept recognition and annotation, question parsing and translation, spatial query extension, as well as spatial knowledge encoding and resource composition. Meanwhile, there are many challenges that remain unsolved, such as extending large GeoQA datasets for machine learning, generalizing language models to different question types, integrating spatial knowledge and resources, and improving the retrieval performance of geoQA systems. Therefore, in this workshop, we aim to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines to compare early GeoQA systems, discuss state-of-the-art geoQA research, and discover challenges and future directions.

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