Question Based Analysis


Our project team currently consists of the following members:

Furthermore, we are also closely collaborating with the following researchers in and outside of Utrecht:

… and with the following partners from companies:

Past team members and contributors:

  • Rogier Meerlo. GIMA MSc student
  • Alexandra (Lexi) Rowland. GIMA MSc student
  • Joris Wielemann. GIMA MSc student
  • Mathijs Nelemans. GIMA MSc student
  • Han Kruiger. PhD student, SGPL
  • Raamsteeboers, Mick.  Bachelor Human Geography
  • Prinsen, Casper A. Bachelor Human Geography
  • Oorschot, Thomas.  MSc Human Geography
  • Marcal Russo, Leticia. MSc Applied Data Science
  • Libera, Wiktoria. MSc Applied Data Science
  • Kandylas, Aristoteles. MSc Applied Data Science
  • Wiersma, Zef. MSc Applied Data Science
  • van Ark, A. Bachelor Human Geography
  • Azani, A. Bachelor Human Geography
  • Sajjadian, M. GIMA MSc student
  • Parzoch, K. Bachelor Human Geography
  • Evers, R. MSc Human Geography