Question Based Analysis


A keynote talk by Dr. Simon Scheider at the Metadata Matters knowledge symposium at Hilversum on 6 September 2023!

Dr. Simon Scheider is giving a keynote talk at the Metadata Matters” knowledge symposium organized in collaboration with EuroSDR, GeoE3 and PLDN.

Main event: Metadata Matters, What Role Does Linked (Meta)Data Play in the Geospatial World?

When: 9:30AM CET, 6 September 2023

Where: Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid), Hilversum, The Netherlands

Registration: Please, visit the main event webpage for the registration form.

Keynote title: Answering geo-analytical questions with QuAnGIS

Keynote abstract:

Geographic question-answering (GeoQA), answering questions based on geographic data resources,  has recently become an area of interest. Progress of QA systems in the area of AI has also triggered corresponding research in GeoQA. A particularly challenging task remains to answer geo-analytical questions, where answers are given indirectly, i.e., generated from data sources using GIS workflows. In the QuAnGIS project at Utrecht University, funded by the European Research Council (ERC), researchers have been investigating this problem and developed a GeoQA system that retrieves answers to geo-analytical questions in terms of workflows. The core of QuAnGIS is a conceptual transformation model, a meta-data model that can be used to form workflows over geodata sources and GIS tools, as well as to interpret questions. The talk introduces QuAnGIS meta-data and includes a demo.